Jennifer Walker is an artist from Saint Louis, Missouri, where she lives with her husband, and four children. She creates from her home studio which is basically the reason she and her husband bought their current home not too long ago.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in advertising which allowed her the opportunity to explore her creativity. After a number of years in marketing (with a brief but amazing stint as a fourth grade teacher), she became a stay-at-home mom—her absolute dream job. Along the way, even through her marketing years, she continued to hone her artistic skills and even started a stationery business. But it wasn't until she had kids that painting became a passion.

Jennifer is a self-taught artist who works primarily in acrylics, oil pastels, and pencil. She loves color and composition, playing around with line and brush texture and experimenting with shapes. Apart from being a wife and mother, there is nothing that gives her more joy than to create. To create something from nothing. To bring order out of chaos. Beauty from ashes. She hopes whenever she creates that her work and creativity points to her Creator who gave her every purpose and gift she has. And she hopes that you enjoy her work and effort and see Him too.